Sales of Mozambique Products

Weather retail or wholesale, you chose the product, quantity, quality, request quote, pay 50-100%, receive your product. Depend on TCs.

Promotion and Marketing

We have in-house marketing and promotion tools. We also promote and market Mozambican products on social media, fairs and other events.

All import and Export

We export to UK, EU and Africa. Depending on customers request we can arrange import into UK. We tend to bring your product to your warehouse.

Who are we ?

We are a group of Mozambicans businessman and woman established in Europe to represent and sell through retail and wholesale products produced and originating in Mozambique, including:

Why us?

  • We work directly with Mozambican governmental that certify suppliers
  • We have exclusive access to all Mozambicans suppliers.
  • We have know-how of Mozambican products
  • We deal with reliable, honest and transparent suppliers.
  • We are expert on international trade.

Meet our team

Our mission

We aim to make difference in Mozambican people’s lives and also of the businessman and woman.

Our platform enable businesses to transform the way they market, sell and operate and improve their efficiencies. Therefore, we aim to sale Mozambican goods, to promote Mozambican goods, to export from Mozambique worldwide, to transform local sellers into international sellers.

Our interest in work with local producers is to champion their commitment to develop their rural communities.

About Shop Made in Mozambique

Launched in 2017, is the leading Mozambican B2B ecommerce platform for global wholesale trade. We serve millions of buyers and suppliers around the world.

Our Headquarters is in United Kingdom – London and have representation in the United States, Mozambique and Germany.

We aim to sell Mozambican Produce all over the world and open Made in Mozambique shops worldwide.

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