Our Suppliers

Our suppliers are ethical, compliant and sustainable.

We are supplied buy groups, associations and individuals that are thoroughly vetted. We work with our suppliers to ensure everyone involved in producing what we represent is treated fairly. We are committed to supporting Mozambican small farmers too. Our suppliers are unique, our products are of highest quality.  Our policies guarantee the food you buy is ethical, sustainable and of exceptional quality.



We constantly aim to offer the best and premier range of Mozambican drinks to consumers all over the world: Including beer, spirits, juices, smoothies and other alcohol and alcohol free beverage products. Most produced under EU and UK guidelines and are sold in wholesale basis.


Most agricultural products produced in Mozambique are organic. We focus on selling and also develop these small and medium farmers who make up close to 100,000 whish produce different agricultural products such as: coffee, peanuts, chestnuts, tea, lentils, sesame, coconut, etc.


Our suppliers are medium and large. We have access to all types of fish, prawns, crabs from the sea, from the river or from farma, whether fresh or dry, small, medium and big sizes. Yet, we work, support and encourage small artisanal producers to develop in order to become our suppliers.


Mozambique has variety of gemstones and our suppliers are all vetted and certified. We work with associations and certified companies to supplier gemstones. Moreover, we are active suppliers of vital raw materials and final products to diverse group of industries across the globe for industries within areas of Aluminium, Ferrous & Non – Ferrous Industry ( Steel & Alloys) and Chemicals.


In Mozambique, conventional and traditional medicine goes hand in hand. Many plants there are already used by locals. With discovery, certification and registration of more than 5500 medicinal plants, many of their final products are already sold in international markets and we seek to supply those to EU and UK too. We seek solid partnerships that provide us with quality products always at the best prices and conditions.


Here you will find the finest art materials and artistic works from Mozambican top artists at the best prices. Miscellaneous products are all vetted before feature into our selling platform. We make sure that all our suppliers are ethical, complaint and certified.

We deal with ethical, compliant and Sustainable suppliers.

There is a preferential trade agreement between the EU and Mozambique under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). Mozambique is also member of the Commonwealth.

Ethical Suppliers

As ethics, our company is for transparency and balance between profit and ethics. It is a fact that organizational interests must always overlap personal ones. So, buy ethically.

Compliant Suppliers

There is a preferential trade agreement between the EU and Mozambique under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). Moreover, we encourage our suppliers to follow international food standard ISO 22000 and compliance with BRC/IFS & WTO. And Mozambique is member of Commonwealth.

Sustainable Suppliers

We are serious and rigid about reducing environmental impact of our business. Therefore, we carefully choose our suppliers that follow environmental management practices. They have or are working towards certified environmental management system (EMS) such as ISO 14001; compliance with environmental legislation; a product's environmental impact; the supplier's buying practices & social responsibility policy and practices.



We have knowhow of international trade and capable of supply all import and export services which reduce the heavy burden that may have incurred to you. We aim to be better than previous day for better serve you.


Created to give you the best quality and price. There is a straightforward price which means there are no hidden costs. If your business is prepared and confident about food safety, the only cost to you is import, which is charged at a local rate.<br /> Reduce waste, complaints, recalls and rejected products.<br /> Global recognition of the Standard by customers and the portable nature of the product with additional modules reduce audit burden.


We have an established, highly experienced technical team that provides support and is available to answer any technical questions.

Buy with confidence. We have great reputation?

We here to serve our customers with efficiency, agility and honesty. We are recognised by Mozambican government bodies and local business associations. Press the following button for more info.

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